Besides Columbia Precision Tang Peep Sights, we deal in older fireams, mostly Colts and Winchesters. As for Winchester parts, we've been dealing in these things for more than 40 years, so if we can help with problems, email or call, and we'll give our best effort to do so. We are a Federal Firearms Licensee and have ownership in the largest shooting sports center in northern Colorado. We also currently have a number of Colt Single Action Army Revolver barrels and cylinders.​ If you need a specific barrel or cylinder, email or call for price and availability.

     Most of the guns are listed on, under "Columbia Precision" (​). Paste in this address or simply go to the GA main page and type "Columbia Precision" in the search box in the upper right. You will see a listing of all the offereings, from which you can view individual items.

​     We also have a number of gun parts and related items in our Ebay Store ( Cut and paste this address, or go to the Ebay main page, scroll down to the bottom of page where you will find five columns headed by "Buy, Sell, Ebay Companies, About Ebay and Help & Contact". Under "Buy" the fourth item is "Stores". Click on it and it will take you to a page where you can search for a store under "Find a Store" by store name. That will take you to yet another page where you can click on Columbia Precision  (under "check out these stores"). Finally, you will get our store!

     These items are available only through Ebay, so see if there is anything you can use, then click the "Buy it Now" and confirm the purchase. We don't do PayPal, so I will send a followup invoice with the contact information allowing you to call and pay for the item with a credit card. If you want to pay by some other method, you can arrange it with us here.

​Thanks for looking!


Columbia Precision, P.O. Box 301, Timnath, CO 80547                  303-808-2007

Columbia Precision